Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2000-11-08 Slick/Recount

2000-11-08 Slick/Recount
Benny C, Phil Salvaggio, others

The Day after the 2000 US President's Election and we still don't know who the president is. Al Gore? George Bush? Ben, Phil, and others join us in studio. We check in on WONY. Live from the top of Oyaron Hill, this is WRHO and you are listening to The Main Event!

2000-11-08 | 3:11:20 | 2BS Radio Archive | The Main Event | Wednesday | 9 to 12pm | WRHO 89.7 FM Hartwick College Oneonta NY | The B-Smith Radio Archive | Archived Recordings from my College Radio Show | | | For full details >

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