Tuesday, March 25, 2008

1998-12-07 Show9 Cohosted by Dr No No

Cohosted by Dr No No and includes Dr No No's Special Uh Ohs
Guests: Wayne, Andy, Blake, Jeremy, Tex, Snotty

Someone stole the DJ -> Group Hello -> Uh Oh Dr No No is here -> Who's in Studio B? -> Whose Who? -> Who broke the lights? -> Blake calls -> If you know how to spell ...... -> The word of the week is YIPS -> New Segment - Talk about Tex -> Tex is from Wyoming -> Tex where are you? -> Release the hounds -> Tex is probably passed out -> Long Tall Texan -> Blake breaks it down with Blake's Flute Solo -> Knock you out with more Flute -> A flutist -> Scaryness -> Demented -> What was that? -> Flute and Harmonica -> Blake and Textile -> We better now? -> Tex -> What talking? -> Snotty enters -> All over now -> Brian Michael Smith CRACK -> Hey Snotty -> Crack -> la la la -> Break it down white boy -> this next one goes out to my friend back home whose parents think I am the devil -> More music from Studio B -> To Faust Cheecho -> What do you want? -> Enough of that -> Snotty, you have no genitalia -> "I'm not a perfectly decent guy, I'm Snotty" -> Just because you wanted me to say it -> What's going on Studio B -> Just like Crack -> Who out there is listening in radio land? -> Dr No No returns -> Chilling out at Hartwick College with Blake Yo Yo -> Dub -> Microphone check 2 -> Shake Everything You Got Bruised and Battered Version -> Stick a fork in it, it's done.

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