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1998-12-03 Show Eight 12am to 6am Late Night Show

1998-12-03 Show Eight 12am to 6am Late Night Show
1998-12-03 | 5:44:27
12AM to 6AM | Wednesday Night (technically Thursday)

We pre-empt Eat Your Radio tonight to bring you A Very Special Episode --> happy birthday snotty -> hey what are you doing, i saw that -> cj and andy come for a visit -> where is wayne? -> ribbitt -> love hurts tease -> uh oh -> a developing situation folks -> wayne is held hostage but we have negotiators -> wayne is released but feels violated -> more fun than a barrel of monkeys -> random facts and stupid quotes -> creative ways to say someone is stupid -> actual signs from across the USA -> this just in from seattle -> rally time -> dr no no's special uh ohs plug -> bumper stickers to take note of -> interview with the hostage wayne including his capturers -> ted enters the room, nice to meet you too -> profound thoughts and quips -> shot out to tom harrington's car do you feel like we do? -> -> monkeys calm down -> more quips -> wheres frogger -> whose taking me to taco bell? -> something of a different nature -> amsbary voice message -> wayne sings along -> today in history december 3rd 1998 -> nothing happened -> memory lapse -> what? -> birthday -> we're so sorry -> snotty couldnt be here -> he had a "special job" to do -> guess how long you can last listening to this music -> wayne are you still -> alive? -> special performance by the recitator -> don't you feel better? -> weirdness -> are you serious? -> whats your point? -> i think you've had enough -> josé and rafael say hi -> this just in -> wayne rumor -> hey its 4 o clock -> do you got a date man? -> d-i-d-d-y -> who said that? -> josé enters building -> clap clap clap -> rumors are true 430 AM and its pretty late but -> we got more -> well i'm half the man i used to be -> more -> please don't -> shoot me -> 5:15 in the morning and i have lots of stuff to carry back to my room gonna be a fun time -> anyways -> time to go -> are you feeling okay? -> -> good night folks its been a thrill -> wish me luck

Guests- CJ, Andy, Wayne, Ted, José, Rafael

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