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1999-04-01 April Fools Day and State Your Name & Purpose

1999-04-01 April Fools Day and State Your Name & Purpose

Do You Feel Like We Do?, State your name and purpose, Jim is here for some good clean fun, Tom has wanted to come for a while and visit his friend Brian, Roman is here and just hanging out, that's it. Very Very Not Good situation. Duck and Cover its the only way you will survive, the sky is falling. CJ calls in from Kosovo using that dime a minute rate. My friends are mute. Hey Brian do you know what time it is? Dude!, THE ED JEREMIAH ANDY SLOAN ROMAN TOM JIM VAS OCTET sings a special song!. Mind reading. What button is select? If you can guess what song we're playing next you'll win a trip to Hawaii. Fun times in the sun. France declares its national dish to be Onion rings. Tom got a Rodeo Burger. The heart of pants and your underpants. Psycho alert. More unlucky Pizza ordering. What is it? One last call? We're getting closer. We're pulling in the driveway. We're walking to the door. Who are the peeps? They're opening the door. It's the Last Call people. Message to today's youth. Alright everybody. Does the wind every cry mary over there where you are from? A song for Vas who has his Wu-Tang shirt. Questions for Roman, WRHO 98.7 land, Special Message to Dan, White Rhino Radio, Weather Update, The Rubber Dinosaur is loose, A couple Starvin Marvins, I don't think the ranger's gonna like this yogi. Sam drops in. Sounds. Talkboy Tape - Don't Ask - Search for the suspect. I can do anything I want. Strange Agent. Sweet Tarts. A special PSA. Roman tells us about Realism. Matt's Trial in the alleged Kansas Corn Beating.

Guests - Tom, Roman, Jim, Andy, Jeremiah, Ed, Sloan, Vas
Phone Guests - CJ, Snotty

1999-04-01 | 4:44:56 | 2BS Radio Archive | The Wonder Thunder | Wednesday (actually Thursday) | Midnight to 3AM | WRHO 89.7 FM Hartwick College Oneonta NY | The B-Smith Radio Archive | Archived Recordings from my College Radio Show | |

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