Friday, April 11, 2008

1999-04-08 Deep Thoughts

1999-04-08 Deep Thoughts

I have the power! Why did the chicken cross the road? Jack Handey stops in to share some deep thoughts in between songs. Vote on possible show names-> "Lumpy Rock", "It's Spring", "Tu Fumas Ropa", "Crazed Lunatic", "Dungeon Death", "Wizard of the Moon", "Crashed at Sea", "Paradise Lost", "Happy Crapper Happy Crappers", "Bo Bo's Magic Space Ride", "I Forgot", "Mystical Egyptian Dancing", "Tit-Tanic", "Stonehendge", "Mystery Science Radio", "Trapped in Dewar", "Tragedy in Dewar", or "The Wonder Thunder". A Song for Wayne Falkenberg Jr. Music it never gets old, here's some more. YEAH! Oneonta and thats about it.
Sponsored by H20 and O2. A few answers to my question at the beginning. Mad Heed plug. A song to my crushes. And to any ladies..., Live from Hartwick College, New Canadien Holidays, 2.3 Listeners, Getting Floydian. 7-11-7, Bob Calls, Thanks to my two guests, one for stopping in and one for stopping in and leaving and stopping in and leaving again. Thanks again to H20 and O2.

Guests - Vas
Phone Guests - Bob, Tex

1999-04-08 | 3:11:48 | 2BS Radio Archive | The Wonder Thunder | Wednesday (actually Thursday) | Midnight to 3AM | WRHO 89.7 FM Hartwick College Oneonta NY | The B-Smith Radio Archive | Archived Recordings from my College Radio Show | |

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