Monday, June 30, 2008

1999-09-07 Sample in a Jar

1999-09-07 Sample in a Jar 1:34:46
Andris, CJ, Jeremiah, Jeremy, others

This was a warmup show! A sample of things to come.. Hi, I'm new. Where do I go? The search for a freshmen who doesn't suck. We Found One Right Away!! Slap me. In case you didn't know this is WRHO. Up here at Hartwick in Oneonta. About a 20 mile radius. Broadcast. You guys are the lucky ones. News about the 5.9 Earthquake in Athens, Greece. A new segment called "Find out what's going on" First up, CJ and the Pool People. Pick a song and count to 3. Searching for a Pop. Jimi calls in and pulls the plug on the show! We're all brain dead and not ready for class. He's not talking about class and no one else is. I repeat, do not go to your class tomorrow, they've all been cancelled. They are starting Friday. No, we'll start next Wednesday. Post show interview invite.

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