Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1999-09-14 The Main Event

1999-09-14 The Main Event
Chach, Vas, Wayne, Jeremy, Benny C, Terenna, Farrugia, others
First official show of Junior Year. After a quick soundcheck, we're ready to welcome in the new semester. We got a Yoyo Peanut Gallery. Surrounded by music. Lord Grunge is upon us, Shawn Farrugia gives us the 1 o'clock report. The Saxton Way. Rob has some questions. Two more people to interview tonight. Come get some juice and calm down. I think we need some music. Bring on the tunes. Thank you. Yeah. It's getting a little late. There's some honry people in Outer Siberia. Maybe Guam. Getting closer to 2. Some people it's going to be fall asleep time, and well for the rest of us we are going to have some fun. Hope you can join us. Going to play some more songs so girls can dance around in their rooms. And welcome back to the Main Event. I'm Brian. We gotta give some props to Pokey for answering the phones once again. Some other people are out here.

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