Thursday, July 3, 2008

1999-09-25 Same Friday

1999-09-25 Same Friday
Keith, Rob, Damon, E&D, Zappa Guy, Pete, Jeremy, Farrugia, Vas, A&D, others

After a lunch time show earlier in the day, I return to do a late night show. The party continues! Keith and his friend are camera shy. Crazy HA HA's. Say something. Come on. Don't be Camera Shy. Talk dude. Just say a few words into the microphone. I don't know what to say. I actually don't though ya know. Well okay. Please please, I repeat. Call in, I repeat. Call in and give me a suggestion. Somebody must be listening. Request for Zappa but I don't have any. Jeremy Sossei is what he is. I am sorry that this isn't the Mental Ward with my roomate. He has gone home. Banter with Rob and Damon. When in doubt of our terrible talking. It's filth. Dirt. No more filth. We are going to try to end the filth. And now the next song will be... as soon as I pick it. A very complicated decision. I don't know what to do but this one will work. Keep your eye out for that kid, he's crazy. And yes, I am talking to myself. What am I going to do ya know? I can't really do nothing about it.

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