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1999-09-28 TOP TEN/Live

1999-09-28 TOP TEN/Live
Wayne, Chach, Benny C, Sara, Amy, Stella, others

In honor of our one year anniversary, the night I first met Sara coincidentally occured the night I did a Top Ten show. My buddy Ben, Sara, and Amy all happened to come into the studio during the #1 song. Weird.
Turn it up, no you need to turn that one down. Top ten songs coming up. Do they have a theme? 1998 to 1999 school year. The monkey list. So okay, enough talking. But less commercials. Crazy Eight Caller Benny C talking about Organic Chemistry and how much studying it can be awesome. Do you know about chemistry? NACL is Salt. Pokey is here to answer your phone calls. Congrats to me and Dimmel for 1 year on-the-air. The #1 Song is.... Live tracks for the rest of the show. What button do I press? Press the button. This red one? The other red one. How about this green one? No, the yellow one. Which yellow one. Hit Enter. Hi and No. A song for Stella. I better not be catching Jeremy's cold I tell ya. He left his body when he's hypnotized, something about that. Past Lives or something.

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