Monday, July 14, 2008

1999-10-01 Brownies

1999-10-01 Brownies
Benny C, Girls, Some Dude, others

Brownies stained my show log paper, so hence the name!
Benny C and others drop in to start the weekend off strong. We still need a ride for the Phish show next weekend. Help us out. Lunch. Song for Sloan. Computer is down, time to blame Jeremiah. Doing homework? Tequila? More blame to Jeremiah. Yup okay alright! Have a good weekend.

1999-10-01 | 1:34:57 | 2BS Radio Archive | The Main Event | Friday | Noon to 2PM | WRHO 89.7 FM Hartwick College Oneonta NY | The B-Smith Radio Archive | Archived Recordings from my College Radio Show |

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