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1999-04-29 The Flasher Show

1999-04-29 The Flasher Show (3:02:46)

Tape 1 I've got no plans, so you never know what's going to happen. Jaron stops in for a few minutes and says hello. Hello People. Watch out for Bob Jones, the Flasher. Quick Little Message. Quick Reality Check. A New Guest. Chillin'. I got Bob's mom and his dad. I have it all. The Flasher is upon us. Yup. Playing with Miss Piggy. Amsbary Block. Less Talk More Silence. And That Is Two. Tape 2. Do I Get A Banana? They listen to me in the 4th Floor Alumni Girls Bathroom. haha! What happened? ah ha ha. Kermit the frogger. Speaking of Bozos. Crazy Stuff. Lots of stuff to do later tonight. Have you ever been to a Blue Water Baboon Farm? I don't like Liars. Final Words. When the music's over.

Guests: Jaron, Scott Amsbary, Vas, others
Phone Guests: Wayne, Jeremy, Bob Jones, Benny C, Cha-Chi

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