Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1999-05-13 To Shel/Mind Control

1999-05-13 To Shel/Mind Control (3:06:33)

Hey.. If you like___, I got some____. Yeah! Hello. First come, first served.. you know how it is.. Thanks again to Pokey for answering the phones.. Taz, what do you have to say? Quien es tu papa? Outer Siberians stopped by. Pokey said hello. Taz goes off. Bill has nothing. I don't know about this... Another did you know? News on Shel. Whose got the book? Does Andy? Can Andy get off his couch? Andy knows who Bill is but can't say. Do you guys mind about this? No one is listening to this show. Cj has nothing to say either. No more talking! Woo! Okayyy~ Things happen. The song we've all been waiting for! A moment of silence. I don't know what to play. They want Mother. Welcome back to the Main Event. Yo soy es tu papa. Do you read brains? What's up Wayne?! I like Classic Club Ginger Ale. Thanks Justin. Some advice. Are you Experienced? Are you Lost? Ow! SHEL SILVERSTEIN... More and more banter.. It gets Late. Late Schmate, Early Schmerly. Hit backspace. Is this the worst hour of the day?? Pie. Audio Dj.. You have to choose. I slip a lot. Running down a dream -> Free Fallin' with Ben and Jason. Oh my, I would apologize for this part, but I can't.. haha! Time to move on! Time to get going..

Guests- Taz, Benny C, Brian Terenna, Jason, Justin Hoke, Vas, others
Phone Guests- Bill, Andy Hall, CJ, Wayne, others

1999-05-13 | 3:06:33 | 2BS Radio Archive | The Main Event | Wednesday (actually Thursday) | Midnight to 3AM | WRHO 89.7 FM Hartwick College Oneonta NY | The B-Smith Radio Archive | Archived Recordings from my College Radio Show | |

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