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1999-05-05 Cinco De Mayo

1999-05-05 Cinco De Mayo (3:10:11)

Couple songs for Jeremiah. Do I hear an echo. Whoever ripped down my signs is gonna have to pay. A song for Edwardo. Co-host Introduction. Mint On. Green guy needs a name. Justin Hoke is no joke. Is he there? It's good. The weather. It's dark. Ring. Happy Cinco de Mayo out there. CJ tells a story. From the affiliates. Any ideas for the Green guy? Whats going on tonight? Introducing Lettuce Lips. Weisendonger. for Nathaniel Scott. Where'd that thing go? A little story about Mars and Earth and that's the news for tonight. A couple new guests at the 2 o'clock hour. A little Hello. We got Evan, Bob, and Sam who need no introduction as they displace us with adjectives. One hunded stars in one hundred galaxies. Can you imagine the mayhem, the carnage? B.A. has a joke. More emersion. Bell ringing. Where's Bill Cosby? Better than you thought. The OC Posse. Welcome back. I think we're back. It's 2:27 and 2:25. It's all about the numbers. Oh uh oh. a Reggaeton rap. Licky boom boom. We try to understand. Hello Mr Phone Guy. Jeremiah what are you still doing awake? Waiting for the Cd player to work. Who played this cruel joke? What's the point of this whole joint? Good night everyone. Final send off. Here we go...

Guests: Justin, CJ, Evan, Bob, Sam, others
Phone Guests: Jeremy, Jeremiah, others

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