Thursday, May 29, 2008

1999-05-16 Live from Frisbee Field

1999-05-16 Live from Frisbee Field (1:19:56)

precursor- One of the most dramatic days of my life....
We're all good. Busta Kappa Kappa in your assa. We won Wick Wars! Listening to Wes's conversation. Back at the Air. We are going to go for Music. 5 People. We need more. Waiting for Jeremiah. Loud Screaming. Come on up. A segment for Sossei. Ka-Khuk. Song for Sloan from Andy. Sorry guy on phone. A song for Wayne. Wayne, don't ever do that again dude!. Talk Time. Chuck the disc, have a good time. There's a whole group of people out there, That's WAYNE FALKENBERG. Talk to me D-Wayne. Where are the winnings of the Busta Kappa Kappa organization? Jose can you see? Sirens in the town?

People: Andy, Vas, Jeremy, Jeremiah, Sloan, Wes, Wayne, Tex, Cha-Chi, Lauren, E&D, others.

1999-05-16 | 1:19:56 | 2BS Radio Archive | The Main Event | Saturday (actually Sunday) | Midnight to 2AM | WRHO 89.7 FM Hartwick College Oneonta NY | The B-Smith Radio Archive | Archived Recordings from my College Radio Show | |

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